How To: Adjust Your Marketing Message To Reach Millennials

How millennials view money and the economy

Youth marketing agency Fuse has released a new video that examines how millennials, Gen Y, or essentially today’s teens and young adults, view the economy, the job market, and money, and how brands should gear their marketing based on these perspectives. One bright takeaway from Fuse’s research, is that millennials have very optimistic views about their financial future, although the majority indicated that they are adjusting their day-to-day behavior to fit today’s “cultural norm of spending less money” and stretching the dollar.

“Our country's - and the world's – economic issues are having an impact and will have an impact likely for decades to come, disproportionately on Millennials,” says Fuse Marketing Partner Bill Carter. “We think there are three elements that have been under-represented in that discussion that have an effect on brands and marketing.”