Innes “Keep The Faith” Party

For a brand that has remained quiet over the past few years, Innes Clothing kicked off 2013 with a bang last Friday night, throwing a party that was anything but.  Good beer, good people, and above all some really good music filled the small Irish pub of O'Sullivans in Carlsbad, California. The Guinness was flowing while the musical talents of Sean and Zander, The Bunny Gang, and Mr. Matt Hensley himself performed for all who attended. The Innes brand, founded in 1996 by Matt Hensley and his brother Chris, has remained inspired over the years by good music and skateboarding. Innes "Keep The Faith" is not really about a brand returning, but more about a brand renewing the original principle it was founded upon. We expect to hear much more from Innes in the near future.

Photos: Chris Kimball