Ishod Wears May Skate Exposure Meter Crown

Editors' Note: TransWorld Business Exposure-Meter was created to provide a source of quantitative data that accurately measures the amount of exposure that action sports athletes receive in consumer magazines and through social media. Points are awarded based on photos of athletes, and broken into two categories: editorial and advertising. The following is the point breakdown:  cover: 2,000 points, poster: 2,000 points, back cover: 1,000 points, spread: 1,000 points, full page: 500 points, half page: 200 points, one fourth page: 125 points, <one fourth page: 100 points, portrait: 100 points. Motocross Exposure Meter runs from January 2014 and wraps up with year-end results in December 2014.  To purchase full Exposure-Meter reports, analysis, and historical results, drop us a line at

May's skate exposure meter

Ishod Wair taking a noseblunt-slide through the corner. Photo: Jaime Owens / TW SKATE


Ishod Wears May Skate Exposure Meter Crown

All hail this year's Skater of the Year and your new Exposure-Meter leader, Ishod Wair. Ishod launched 14 spots into the lead, locking in huge edit and ad coverage to approach the 15k mark and push Mark Suciu back into second. Your overall Mover of the Month is Tom Asta once again, who climbed 174 spots to podium in third. The other big story of the month was Wes Kremer, who clambered up 32 spots into eighth overall as we wrap up the first third of the year. That said, just over 4k separate the top seven skaters and it's looking like it's going to be an interesting year.

May 2014 Skate Exposure Meter Overall Standings

May 2014 Skate Exposure Meter Overall Standings


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Kremer Closes In

Scoring the cover of The Skateboard Mag and tallying a huge feature, Wes Kremer leapt 19 spots into second, less than 200 points behind Mark Suciu, who got just 1k on the month. Kremer crushed it this month with a 6k leap. This round's Mover of the Month though is undoubtedly Tom Asta, who debuted on the Edit Meter in April with 8,500 points thanks to scoring an epic TWS cover and a flush feature. 

May 2014 Skate Exposure Meter Edit

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May 2014 Skate Exposure Meter Social


Burnett's Back

On the shoulders of a huge month in April's Thrasher, Michael Burnett nearly doubled his total, logging almost 18k and climbing from third into first. This is familiar territory for Burnett, last year's winner, as he puts a small lead over second-place lensman Zaslavsky. To put his month in perspective, his April tally alone is enough to put Burnett in fifth for the year as we wrap up the first third of 2014.


May 2014 Skate Exposure Meter Photogs


Adidas's Advance

While the swoosh soared in April, grabbing nearly 30 looks on the month, perhaps a bigger story is the advance of adidas, who grabbed 15 looks to move past Vans into second. Independent and LRG also had big months, climbing past DC to break the footwear-four's strangle hold on the head of the pack.

May 2014 Skate Exposure Meter Logos


Ishod Incoming

Brandon Westgate posted another strong month, grabbing 2k to keep his hold on the Ad War's lead, but Ishod Wair tallied 2,300 points to leap into second as he claimed this year's coveted title of Thrasher SOTY. Westgate needs to be wary with Wair sitting just a ½ page ad out of the lead. Gilbert Crockett also got a solid bump, claiming third as Mark Suciu's slow month dipped him down two spots into fourth.

May 2014 Skateboarding Exposure Meter ads