January’s “Pretty Sweet” Skate Exposure-Meter Results & Social Index Roll Out

Alex Olson soars to the top of the January Skate Exposure Meter.

Scroll through the gallery for all of this month's print and social Skate Exposure-Meter standings, as well as overall social stats across all sports with theĀ Hookit Athlete Index:


If you thought it was going to be a slow, non-newsworthy month due to only one month's worth of mags getting tallied, think again. The winner overall is clearly the Crailtap camp, who has been enjoying the printed fruits of their pretty sweet labor. Eight of the top ten overall are Girl/Chocolate skaters, who were featured in Pretty Sweet, with another eight landing safely within the top 50. Not bad!

Top honors go to Alex Olson, who had interviews in both The Skateboard Mag and Thrasher.


The rest of the year is still wide open. There are eleven more months in 2013, so it's still anyone's game. You can expect a heap of DGK coverage, as their "Parental Advisory" video just dropped. Only time will tell if they, or anyone else, will make it to the top ten!



Crailtapping The Edit Meter

Once again, it was a Girl/Chocolate month. 19 of the top 50 were featured in "Pretty Sweet." Alex Olson enjoyed two interviews, and the Trunk Boys--Raven Tershy, Cory Kennedy, Vincent Alvarez, Elijah Berle, and Stevie Perez--each got credit for a special five-cover Thrasher. They landed at 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 7th, respectively.


In fact, the only non-Crailtap skaters to land a top ten spot on the edit side were Curren Caples and Justin Figueroa, who both had interviews.



*Skateboarder was tallied last month for their December/January issue



Danny's Way

With a new documentary hitting the screen, Danny Way takes top honors for the January advertising tally. We can expect even more and "Waiting for Lightning" grows in popularity, as well. The rest of the list is not very surprising, if you has a couple full-pagers for January you made the top ten. February is when it generally becomes tougher to maintain your position.



Colen In Hot

Actually, the real winner this month is Crailtap staff photographer Ben Colen. He put in a year's worth of work, with 32,400 points in January alone--nearly three times as many as Atiba Jefferson, who came in second. For perspective, Colen's January score would have landed him in the top ten for 2012's end-of-the-year tally.


Also coming in hot for January is TransWorld SKATE's own up and coming photographer Sam Muller. With a feature article and his very first TransWorld cover, Muller landed at third place.



Lakai Takes The Lead

Not surprisingly, Crailtap logos placed high in January. Lakai took first, Girl took third, and Chocolate took seventh. The usual frontrunners--Nike, Independent, Vans, and Volcom--placed second, fourth, sixth, and eighth. Eleven more months to see if anyone can usurp their reign.