Jeremy Jones Captures Snow Exposure-Meter Lead


Title: Jeremy Jones: Prince of Print

Excerpt: Jeremy Jones carves his way to Exposure-Meter glory, while Jed Anderson gets featured and Jake Blauvelt is named 'Ad Whore' of the month. Oli Gagnon keeps the film coming in hot while Burton steals the Logo spotlight.



Jeremy Jones 'Furthers' Exposure-Meter Exploits

The November mags are in, and it looks like Jeremy Jones wasn't so stoked on last month's fifth place finish; Jones Further(ed) his Expo position and stole the overall title from Eero Ettala. Ettala didn't go far, however, stepping back into a still solid second place and remaining a turn ahead of Jed Anderson. Though on the outskirts of the coveted top ten, Jamie Lynn earns himself Mover of the Month for airing over 92 spots to land in 15th. Honorable mention, however, no doubt goes to Jake Welch, who is sitting pretty in sixth place--18 spots ahead of last month's 24th.



Featuring: Jed Anderson

The spotlight is clearly keen on Anderson, as he tops the Edit meter for the second month running. Eero Ettala slips back into third while Jeremy Jones graciously side-steps 10 shred-heads to take second place, thanks in part to a Pro-Spotlight amongst the pages of TransWorld SNOWboarding. Dan Brisse made the move from 15th into 4th, though this is nothing compared to Jamie Lynn's ridiculous swap of 72nd place for 8th. With an inspiring 12-page editorial in Snowboarder Mag, Lynn is making big moves.



Blauvelt Basks In Ad Meter Glory

Jake Blauvelt has been getting some serious face time this month, taking over the Ad meter and relegating Horgmo back into third place. Second place stayed stagnant in the hands of Zac Marben and his prolific Arnette ads, while Jake Welch with Forum's backing moved up from 9th place into 4th. Jeremy Jones continues to round out the top ten, though Gigi Rüf managed to sneak past him and kick Eero Ettala out of the crew.



Burton Breaks Away To Take Top Billing

Burton is the hot topic this month; and it looks like its been name dropped like crazy in the Land of Logos. Coming off a first place tie with podium mainstay Oakley, Burton stands alone atop the leader board. Volcom and Monster are still sitting pretty in third and fourth, respectively, while DC has booted Forum back into 8th place and taken over fifth. Nike, for its part, wasn't pleased to be a bystander, and has pushed its way into sharing the tenth place post with Capita.



Gagnon Continues Photog Meter Reign

The eyes exposing our Exposure-Meter riders are embroiled in a battle all their own; a battle Oli Gagnon is currently dominating. The photog is once again outshooting the competition to take first place, with a plethora of photos documenting Ms. Super Park in Snowboarder. Andy Wright and E-Stone maintain their respective second and third place positions; E-Stone shooting the shit with Dan Brisse in Snowboarder, while Yoshida, Sandbech, and Blotto continue their stand amongst the top ten. Ashley Barker jumped five spots to trade 13th place in for a newer model. Chris 'Hauc' Wellhausen rounds out this elite group, posting up at tenth.