Jiberish: Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears A Crown

Jiberish based out of Denver, Colorado is quickly staking their claim as a heavyweight in the fiercely competitive streetwear market.  From the first T-shirt sale in the Breckenridge parking lot, to three hand-built flagship stores in Denver, Park City, and Boston, it’s safe to say that Jiberish has had a meteoric rise to prominence.  To put their recent success in perspective, for three years in a row Jiberish surpassed its previous year’s sales numbers in a single day.

Although Jiberish has garnered a religious following among skiers, being a “ski brand” was never in the business plan and the company’s goal is to to grow in a similar manner in snowboarding, skateboarding, and beyond. If you ask founders Gabe Anderson, Pete Drago, and David Boger to describe their company, their answer stands out with an interesting perspective, “Honestly, we are a marketing and branding company that sells clothes. Everything is done with intention.” Even though the support of skiers has made Jiberish a global brand with distribution in 16 countries, they aren’t satisfied with being confined to a single market.  "We cringe when someone tries to define us because we have worked so hard to not be labeled.  We knew as we grew that other segments would like what we do.”

Jiberish team riders Dash Kamp and Joe Mango released this edit, filmed in Keystone and Breckenridge, CO, which proves the brand knows about a lot more than skiing:

This lack of definition is exactly what has brought Jiberish so much value as a brand.  Operating within a “grey area” has allowed Anderson, Drago, and Boger’s company to flourish outside the confines of the “clunky machine” that is the clothing industry.  “Going in the flagship store direction instead of trade shows and sales-reps definitely hurt a lot of feelings.  Companies that do trade shows just fall into a routine where they have to be at every single show or else people think they fell off.” Between chasing retailers for invoice payments and watching small, creative companies getting squashed at trade shows, Jiberish knew there had to be a better way of doing business. “We think we’re leading a new path, that’s why we put the Shakespeare quote ‘Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown’ on our products.”

Without a doubt, the three flagship stores are the pride and joy of Jiberish, with real blood, sweat, and tears having been poured into each location. Simply put, “Our tradeshow booth is our stores, we designed each to be unique enough to be its own brand.” While each flagship reflects Jiberish’s brand image, the storefronts also take inspiration from their respective local cultures.  For example the newest flagship, the Armory located in Boston, was designed as a hybrid between a New England trapper’s cabin and a Colorado mountain chalet. The Vault located in Park City, draws inspiration from ultra-modern bank vaults and the bank robber heritage of the wild west.  But the original flagship LoHi, located in downtown Denver, sill remains “the OG” attracting visits from musicians like the Wu-Tang Clan and Pretty Lights. Anderson, Drago, and Boger all agree, “We would have never gotten to where we are today without Denver.”

Downtown Denver served as the backdrop for this edit starring Jiberish’s newest rider, Yoshi Tanenbaum:

It remains to be seen if this “new path” will gain traction within the market, but one thing is for sure, brands are thinking of new ways to reach their customers directly, cutting out “clunky” industry middlemen.  Check out the gallery above for an inside look at all of the flagship stores and cruise over to jiberish.com to see all of Jiberish’s products including the full 2013 Spring/Summer release.


Jiberish’s first flagship store in Denver, Colorado.