Thrice In a Blue Moon: John John Three-peats as 2015 Surf Exposure-Meter Champ

2015 Surf Exposure-Meter

The Top 20 Overall Surfers of 2015.

2015 Surf Exposure-Meter Year-End Results

Words & Analysis: Mike Lewis

OVERALL: Thrice In A Blue Moon – John John Three-peats

Coming into the year's final round of mags, Dane Reynolds 2015 Surf Exposure-Meter was looking confident, packing a 6k-plus lead. But with John Florence's "View From A Blue Moon" premiering on November 11 and dropping worldwide December 1, we knew Florence had a little something up his sleeve, make that over 11,000 somethings, including the cover of Surfer and a ton of ad and edit love to propel him to his third-straight Surf Exposure-Meter Overall win!

This marked the first real race Florence has had in the last two years. Dane Reynolds closed out the year as the only other surfer to break 30k points on the year. Jordy Smith rounded out the podium in third, marking his second-straight bronze finish.

Mover of the Year has to go to Filipe Toledo, who never broke the top 50 until September, when he surged into the top twenty, before finally ending the year in fourth. Look for him to make the race interesting down the road, but on the heels of "Blue Moon," it's gonna be hard to keep Florence from a fourth straight win in '16.

2015 Surf Exposure-Meter

Congratulations JJF, another year, another Surf Exposure-Meter Championship.

EDIT: John John's Brings It Home

With 10k in edit in December's mags, its no surprise that he pulled off yet another Edit win. The surprise has been that he hasn't led the race more this year, finding just the right time to hit the gas. The other big surprise in the closing round was Filipe Toledo's ascendance into second to close out the year, becoming the only surfer other than Florence to crack the 20k mark. With some solid film time in JJF's new Brainfarm film, we expect 2016's leader board to look a lot like this year's one-two.

2015 Surf Exposure-Meter

Magazines tabulated for the 2015 year-end Surf Exposure-Meter.

AD: Jordy Smith Grabs The 2015 Ad Title

Jordy Smith could be found in the front of just about every issue of Surfer and Surfing this year, so it's no surprise that he had the juice to win the 2015 ad title. Perhaps the bigger surprise is who isn't near the top. Florence doesn't show up until sixth place and Dane’s down in fifth, showcasing the edit strength this duo parlayed this year into their first and second place overall finishes.

2015 Surf Exposure-Meter

LOGO:  Hurley Takes Home The Title

Over the last decade, Channel Islands has tallied nearly every Exposure-Meter Surf Logo War – until last year when they were upset at the wire by Hurley. Fast-forward one year; coming into December, CI had a seven-look lead over. When the tallies were in, the tables had turned and Hurley was sitting strong atop the pack with a nine-look lead. Sound familiar? This mirrored Florence's come back win and the two definitely went hand-in-hand, or at least leg-in-boardshort.

For the last two years, Hurley and CI have been the only brands to break the 100-look mark. Let's see what Pyzel has to say about that…

2015 Surf Exposure-Meter

PHOTO: Corey Wilson With The Win

Twelve months after losing the title to Brent Bielmann, Surfing's Corey Wilson, is back on top following an outstanding year. Wilson racked up nearly 60k points on the year, almost double the tally of second place finisher Bielmann. Wilson's mastery was on display all year with stunning, prolific images that captured the year that was, as we gear up for what's to come. See you in '16!


2015 Surf Exposure-Meter

The top 20 most social surfers of 2015.