John John Florence Ahead In First Quarter of 2016 Exposure-Meter


Words & Analysis: Mike Lewis

JJF in the lead for Overall Exposure-Meter; Ryan Burch With the Come-Up, 3rd Place From 94th

John John Keeps Rolling Along

After shutting the door on 2015 with another dominating performance, John Florence came out in the New Year punting a massive Surfing gatefold to kick '16 off with a bold statement and setting the stage as the face of surfing yet again. Through the first quarter of 2016, Florence has already amassed over 12k in coverage, with nearly 11k of that coming on the edit front, a tally that has him on pace to blow his 2015 tally of 35k out of the water.
On his tail, actually a couple sets back, Mick Fanning is in a strong second with nearly 8k thanks in large part to a February Surfing feature following his '15 world title.

Last year's Exposure-Meter runner-up, Dane Reynolds rounded out Q1's podium with 5,700 points, putting him in front of the pack and in a tie with Ryan Burch. The two sit on top of a heavy group looming in a tight pack with Noa Deane, Kelly Slater, Mitch Coleburn, Jack Robinson, and Mikala Jones all hovering within a couple thousand points of each other—good company and a hungry bunch looking to eat Florence's lunch as the 2016 Exposure-Meter season heats up!


Edit Wars

Florence Flies Into The Lead

In a repeat performance, John Florence is soaring above the dominance of 2015 and completely controlling the edit scene through the first quarter of the year, capitalizing on coverage from "View From A Blue Moon." The prodigy tallied nearly 11k in the first three months of the year, nearly half of what he got in all of 2015 to take the Edit title.

Next up is Ryan Burch, who had a huge feature in March's Surfer, garnering about half of what Florence has, and sitting at the head of another tight, heavy pack with Mick Fanning and Kelly Slater looming large within 700 points of Burch.


Ad Race

Coleburn Claims the Q1 Lead

Heading over to the Ad Race, we find our first leader whose initials aren't JJF in Mitch Coleburn, who's riding an all Volcom wave to the head of the pack with four spreads and a full page from the Stone in the first quarter of 2016.

With 4,400 points in the first three months of the year, Coleburn's tally nearly doubles that of runners up Ian Crane and Mick Fanning, who are both sitting at 2,600, with 14 surfers packed up at 2k or higher. This year's looking to be all about the race for runner up if the first quarter is any indicator.


Logo Wars

Hurley Heads Back To The Top

Following its landmark win in 2015, Hurley came out with another strong statement in the first three months of 2016, logging 16 looks to build a solid lead over Billabong and Quiksilver. Once again we find a stand out leader with a huge pack looming as just three looks separate 'bong and Quiksilver, Channel Islands, Monster, Globe, Red Bull and Rip Curl. Seeing a pattern in this year's Exposure Meter race?



Mosqueira Makes His Move

After finishing 2015 in 18th on the photo front with 6,400 points on the year, Domenic Mosqueira posted more than 11k in the first three months of 2016 to take a dominating lead over perennial leaders like Wilson, Bielmann and Ellis, who are all positioned to make this year a serious race amongst these intrepid, waterlogged lensmen.