John John Takes Another Turn Atop Leader Board; Dylan Graves Lands Second In July’s Exposure-Meter

Photo Wars

Carey Recovers His Title, Jimmicane Settles For Silver


Although Jimmicane took the meter by storm last month, knocking Carey down a peg, June saw Carey recapture his first place rank. Jimmicane keeps it close, only stepping back into second, while Wilson stands steady in third. Struntz shoots his way into fourth, shoving Macfarlane back into sixth while Stafford plays mediator in fifth. Noyle takes a step back into seventh, with Dorsey and Shield keeping it consistent in their respective eighth and ninth place posts. Glaser plays gatekeeper once again, holding tight to 10th.


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Kelly Slater, Bethany Hamilton & Alana Blanchard Are Off The Charts


Channel Islands Enjoys Another Month Of Logo Meter Glory

Channel Islands: topping the Logo meter for yet another round of Exposure-Meter madness. The company continues to enjoy its seat atop the leader board, leaving Quiksilver to take sloppy seconds. Hurley is stepping up its game, however, dropping into third after a stint in sixth last round. Losing the bronze to Hurley, Volcom is left out in fourth, just a step ahead of fifth-place finisher Monster. Nixon keeps it close, nabbing sixth while Al Merrick upgrades from eighth to seventh. Oakley falls back into the latter realms of the top 10, taking ninth and leaving border patrol to O'Neill in 10th.

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Florence Racks Up Another Round Of Feature Fame

 Another month, another sweep; John John is taking another spin atop the Edit meter, leaving the rest of the surfing world to battle it out for second. Dylan Graves manages to air above his peers to land in the silver medal spot, complementing his post with a killer Surfing cover. Craig Anderson holds tight to last month's third, even as Bruce Irons is boosted out of second by Graves and relegated to fourth. Dusty Payne maintains in fifth, though Gabriel Medina trades his sixth place for 10th. Nate Tyler steps into the vacant sixth place, with Dane Reynolds hot on his heels in seventh, while the eighth and ninth place posts play host to Matt Meola and Conner Coffin, respectively. Mover of the Month goes to Dillon Perillo, who teeters on the sidelines after upgrading from 25th to 14th.

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John John Takes Yet Another Turn Atop The Leader Board

Surfing's golden boy has done it again, holding down his second winning streak--the first being briefly interrupted by Chippa's January victory--for the fifth month running. For those of you keeping score, this means Florence has tackled 10 out of the past 11 months of magazines--an impressive feat, to put it lightly. For his part, Dylan Graves has been creeping up the leader board, landing in second this month after tearing up the cover of Surfing. Bruce Irons, on the other hand, is learning to live with bronze, after Graves' swift silver medal steal. On the edit front, JJF and Graves once again nab their respective first and second place posts, while Craig Anderson steps into third. After adding up ad space, John John once again takes the top spot, knocking last month's victor Julian Wilson back into second and Jordy Smith back into third. Behind the lens, Jimmicane has relinquished his temporary title back to its previous owner, and Carey is once again back on top. Jimmicane didn't stray far, however, waiting patiently in second as Wilson continues his stranglehold on third. Channel Islands and Quiksilver stand strong in the land of Logos, with Hurley snagging the bronze out of Volcom's hands and rounding out June's Logo Meter podium.