Travis Rice Is The King Of The Hill

After an eleven year hiatus, the premiere big mountain event is back, rising from the ashes in the mecca of backcountry terrain – Alaska. As part of this year’s Tailgate Alaska, King of the Hill made its re-emergence in noble form as 40 top riders from around the world faced down Bro Bowl outside Valdez for a shot at the coronation, four 1/2 day heli trips from all the local ops, and a free entrance into the New Zealand World Heli Championships.

After Travis Rice’s first run, it was basically a foregone conclusion that all the other riders were but serfs to his liege. After dropping off the first cornice, Rice charged into a win lip, stomping a mind-bending 80-foot back 7 to rock line out, and the bar had been set for a battle for second. Jackson legend Rob Kingwill stepped to the challenge, claiming second place and the Prince of the Hill award, I guess. Scotty Lago chomped off third as the man in waiting, icing it with a 70 foot punt off a cornice into his second run.

King of the Hill/Tailgate Alaska

On the women’s side Vera Janssen earned her sword with a maelstrom of tight lines, big airs and fluid linkography that left many a man trembling and her on the receiving end of a wicked prize package of heli time in the promised land of AK.

King of the Hill/Tailgate Alaska

But enough words:

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