Footwear’s Future—Krush Fall ’12 Footwear Trend Report

Krush, which uses proprietary crowd sourcing and social media tools to predict action sports product trends for upcoming lines, is releasing its Fall 2012 skate and lifestyle footwear report today. The study distilled 152,516 ratings of 1,104 products from 18 brands including  C1RCA, DC, DVS, Element, Etnies, Fallen, Grenade, Ipath, Lakai, NVRBRKN, Osiris, Quiksilver, and Sanuk, to predict broad trends for this coming Fall’s footwear.

The report is created by allowing Krush users pre-line product views, or “SneakPeeks,”  and represents Krush’s largest sample size to date, mirroring the company’s substantial growth since its 2011 launch. “The number of consumers rating their favorite brands' new styles and gear has grown 212% since the release of the Spring 2012 report, just six months ago,” according to Krush CEO Gina Ashe. “Krush presented 206 SneakPeeks in 2011, attracting over 50,000 new fans who have reserved over 11,000 products for future purchase.”

In addition to offering its fans the ability to pre-purchase products through its site, the increased sample size should translate to better predictions of what will be trending this Fall, helping brands fine tune their lines and retailers target their buys.

Fall ’12 Footwear Report Highlights:

  • For low skate shoes, clean, single-color styles with a pop of color on the liner, outsole, collar, or laces will be in for the Fall.
  • Mids and Highs will have dark or neutral uppers with pops of color on the throat or outsole
  • Lifestyle shoes will incorporate sophisticated materials such as pigment canvas, wool, corduroy and suede

Check out a detailed look at the findings of the report by demographic, region, and brand:

KRUSH Footwear 2012.jpg
KRUSH Footwear 2012_001.jpg
KRUSH Footwear 2012_010.jpg
KRUSH Footwear 2012_011.jpg
KRUSH Footwear 2012_012.jpg
KRUSH Footwear 2012_013.jpg
KRUSH Footwear 2012_014.jpg
KRUSH Footwear 2012_015.jpg
KRUSH Footwear 2012_016.jpg
KRUSH Footwear 2012_017.jpg
KRUSH Footwear 2012_018.jpg
KRUSH Footwear 2012_019.jpg
KRUSH Footwear 2012_002.jpg
KRUSH Footwear 2012_020.jpg
KRUSH Footwear 2012_021.jpg
KRUSH Footwear 2012_022.jpg
KRUSH Footwear 2012_023.jpg
KRUSH Footwear 2012_024.jpg
KRUSH Footwear 2012_025.jpg
KRUSH Footwear 2012_026.jpg
KRUSH Footwear 2012_027.jpg
KRUSH Footwear 2012_028.jpg
KRUSH Footwear 2012_029.jpg
KRUSH Footwear 2012_003.jpg
KRUSH Footwear 2012_030.jpg
KRUSH Footwear 2012_031.jpg
KRUSH Footwear 2012_004.jpg
KRUSH Footwear 2012_005.jpg
KRUSH Footwear 2012_006.jpg
KRUSH Footwear 2012_007.jpg
KRUSH Footwear 2012_008.jpg
KRUSH Footwear 2012_009.jpg

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