Leo Romero Takes Over November’s Skate Exposure-Meter

Romero Overtakes Taylor For November

There's only one month left to go before a winner is crowned for 2012. The November tally is always a tricky one, because there's rarely a lot of movement. There's already ten months worth of raw data plugged into the Exposureometer machine, and the top tens are usually pretty well entrenched across the board. Such is the case this year.


However, Toy Machine's Leo Romero did manage to finally overtake Alien Workshop's Grant Taylor--oddly enough, the 2010 and 2011 Skaters of the Year battle it out for 2012.


However, the race ain't over yet. December is gonna be a heavy month. Four magazines to tally, and with the Girl/Chocolate video Pretty Sweet premiering, you can bet there's going to be a heavy amount of Torrance-based coverage. Tune in next month to see who takes it for 2012!



A well-timed Emerica tour article keeps Leo Romero on top this month, with David Gonzalez, Nyjah Huston, and Trevor Colden nipping at his heels. We did see a little fluctuation in the top ten slots, though. Alien Workshop's Grant Taylor jumped from 6th to 5th. Zoo York's Brandon Westgate snuck up one spot, as well, from 7th to 6th, thanks to that Emerica editorial and Zoo York ads.




This month Andrew Reynolds and Lizard King are holding steady as numbers one and two on the ad chart, but Paul Rodriguez jumped from 5th up to a solid 3rd place. Right behind him is fellow Plan B skater Felipe Gustavo, thanks to his introductory DC ads. SOTY candidate Justin Figgy Figueroa leapt up from 7th to 5th, thanks to a few Baker and Altamont ads.



The top ten on the Logo board stayed exactly the same as they were last month. This is a pretty good representation, as the Independent, Nike, Vans, Spitfire, and Volcom logos are easily the most popular, and most frequently seen in skateboarding. Bones does a great job of getting out there as well, and of course DC and adidas are very iconic, instantly recognizable logos as well.



Not a lot of movement this month in the photographer tally. First, second, and third are all still occupied by Thrasher's Michael Burnett, TransWorld's Dave Chami, and The Skateboard Mag's Atiba Jefferson, respectively. David Broach, Dan Zaslavsky, Bart Jones, and Joe Hammeke all inched up the top ten, while Seu Trinh was bumped down to 11th.






Skate October 2012

Romero, Gonzalez Coming In Hot


There's one skater who takes the cake this month, jumping from 107th place all the way up to 3rd. That's right, Flip's own David Gonzalez dropped an online video part, and the coverage that comes with that makes his the strongest contender for Skater of the Year. Gonzalez had 29 pages of coverage this month in Thrasher alone, far more than any other skater in recent history.


Leo Romero made a significant jump this month, too, thanks to a cover, interview, and glut of ads in Skateboarder. This coverage netted him 5800 ad points and more than 10,000 points for edit, bringing him up from 22nd to 2nd place overall.


As it stands, Gonzalez and Romero only trail frontrunner Grant Taylor by less than 1,000 points. There's still a few months to go before the final end of the year tally, and major videos dropping from Girl/Chocolate, Baker, and DGK, so the race isn't over quite yet!



As I mentioned above, David would have jumped to the number-two spot on the list this month, but it was also Leo Romero's month at Skateboarder. Transworld's coverage of Brandon Westgate (cover and Pro Spotlight) gave him a nice bump as well, from 43rd place to 7th in editorial coverage alone.



Grant Taylor was bumped down a few notches this month, from second to fourth, thanks to some Lizard King and Corey Duffel ad support. But no one has been able to dethrone Baker's Andrew Reynolds yet. He still maintains a 1600 point lead over Lizard. Deathwish's Jon Dickson climbed the ad charts, thanks to Deathwish and Altamont spreads. It's been a big ad month for the Baker/Deathwish camp, no doubt thanks in part to Bake and Destroy being on the horizon.



In the logo world, Independent trucks is still the top contender by a significant margin, with Nike and Vans battling for the second and third spots. Spitfire, Bones, DC, and Volcom are also holding their own, thanks to their own iconic logos



The big photographer story this month Is with Thrasher's own Michael Burnett overtaking Transworld's Dave Chami for first place. With an 18-page Toy Machine tour article and an 18-page David Gonzalez interview, Burnett now has a commanding lead, towering above the pack by a 14,000 point margin! Also notable on the photographer top 50 list is former Skater of the Year Arto Saari, coming in at #37, and Skateboarder's best-kept secret, Aaron Smith, at 41st.