Maloof Money Cup Press Conference

Alternate Title: Beer And Loathing In Las Vegas

This July, the Maloof family will host the richest skateboarding contest ever held—the Maloof Money Cup. The Maloofs flew me and my friends the crème de la crème of the skateboarding world out to Las Vegas for a press conference at their casino, The Palms. Brothers Joe and Gavin Maloof wanted to tell us about their contest, and they wanted us to hear it from them.

Joe was very up front about the fact that skating wasn't his background. He told a story, which I can't remember enough to quote, so I'll paraphrase: Joe and Gavin have been running youth basketball camps for seven years. They like doing nice things for the kids. Joe recalls how he'd occasionally look outside and see what kids were doing, and how over the past few years it changed from basketball to skateboarding. Seems simple enough.

So in addition to basketball camps, they decided to host a skateboarding event. And they wanted it to be legit. So they put up the cash, and talked to as many people as they could, and the contest is going to happen at the Orange County Fairgrounds July 11-13.

In addition to the contest, the Maloofs are organizing a catastrophic health insurance organization for skaters that get catastrophically hurt. They were surprised we didn't have anything like that already.

Okay, on to the photos:


This is Transworld Skateboarding's Bender Kelley and Eric Stricker, and Matt. I met Matt in the San Diego airport, and over the course of a couple drinks he decided to get off of his Providence-bound plane and hang with us. We made him our "intern." He's from Boston.


We rolled in a limo that made beer runs.




VIP check in was in its own lounge, and the check-in girl was named "Say." That warrants a photo.


Skatepark Of Tampa's Ryan Clements had cornrows and etnies' Ashton Maxfield had knee surgery, so they could both probably use your well-wishes.


Skateboarder's Billy Deans and Jake Brown chilling poolside.


We introduced our "intern" to Biebel. Matt thought he was "Wiked Awesome."


Billy Deans with Skatedaily's Bryce Kanights.


Here's the design for the street plaza. They are going to build it for the contest, and then demolish it immediately, because the Lucha Libre Mexican Wrestlers are coming to the Orange County Fairground the next day.


Clements took one for himself. I wonder what the SPOT street course will look like next year?


Ashton introduced me to his homey Joe. He owns the place.


Slap's Eric Olson was there.


Sorry Clements. I had to.


At the press conference, everyone who was a part of the planning said a few words, Mark Waters, Rob Dyrdek, the Carl's Jr. guy, it was cool. Robin Leach was there but he bolted before I got a photo.


Don Brown was there despite getting kicked out of the Palms the night before.


Zumiez' Karyn Lewandowski and Coolio’s grandfather Ryan Clements


Oh, sick. Hot chicks. They were hanging out with us because we were suave and sexy paid to be there. Eerrwwww.




Billy Deans can get girls to pose with him even if they're not getting paid.



I told you they were paid to hang out with us. But they didn't really want to hang out with us. I don't think we're a "good investment" kind of crowd. Leslie Kelley offered me $40 to do the worm. So I did.


Duffman was there. He brought Panda Express.

The waitress said. "There's prime rib inside."

The Duffman said: "I like Panda Express."

The waitress said: "There's jumbo shrimp, too.”

The Duffman said: "That's cool. I like Panda Express."

Then she brought me a free Coors, and him a 3-dollar Coke.


No, it's cool. We've all been there. Sometimes, there's three dudes in the entire club, and nobody's paying attention to you. Sometimes, you gotta get up and dance.