Markovich Launches Given

In the wake of their mass exodus from Crimson, Kris Markovich and friends have launched yet another board brand, called Given. 

 The press release has a few jabs at Markovich’s former company: “The problem with always bleeding is, you eventually bleed yourself dry.”given-web.jpg

The team is: Markovich, Richie Belton, Ragdoll, James Atkin and Nate Jones for pros, and  Micah Hollinger, Steve Fauser, Danny Scher, and Rick Eusey for ams. The team all came from Crimson, except Jones who came from Rasa Libre.

Other ex-Crimsonites who aren’t with Given are: Vince Del Valle (who left a few months ago for a spot on Black Label), Graham Bickerstaff, , Jeremiah Babb (who left the team a few months ago), Thomas Bonilla (fresh on Ethan Fowler’s Bummer High), Mikey Prince, Joey Oregero, Nick Yamasoto, and Ryan Smith (not the Mystery pro). 

From the press release: “Yeah yeah I know another damn company from Markovich, but yes it’s true! So if Given looks a little familiar it’s because we took all the best parts of the last company, got rid of the guys that weren’t skateboarders and created a company that is all about skateboarding. From the bottom to the top we are all skateboarders. So if your [SIC] down to support a company that is run and owned 100% by skateboarders then Given is the brand for you, and remember what’s been Given can’t be taken!”

The Given Web site is listed as: 

At present, the Crimson team is: Charlie Thomas, Matt Mendenhall, and Max Barera.