Nectar Sunglasses Provides Lifestyle Shades

Have you ever broken or lost your favorite pair of sunglasses while on the mountain, in the waves, or maybe just at your favorite local bar? Well, Dylan Roukous and Sean Holmes--creators of Nectar sunglasses--have, and now they want to provide people with a worry-free opportunity to enjoy life, while wearing your favorite pair of sunnies.

The Nectar concept started out in back in 2008 at Radford University, where the two college friends started selling shades across campus and living the sweet life. "We just would set up a table on campus and sell sunglasses on a nice day. Then we figured we could make a higher quality frame and lens in various lens and frame colors," Roukous explains. After college the pair relocated to Atlanta and began working on Nectar full time.

Although the brand has matured and changed, the lifestyle remains the same. Roukous says "If there are waves we go out surfing, and we'll put off the work. We like to enjoy life and we wear our shades while doing it." And that’s exactly what they want their customers to do, too.

The glasses typically run anywhere from $13 to $25, however right now Nectar is running a "3 for 30" deal for those looking to stock up. Nectar provides inexpensive shades so that customers can spend money on things like "lift tickets, concerts, or surf trips to Costa,” explains Roukous. "Most sunglasses are so expensive that people are scared to enjoy life while wearing shades. Either they are afraid someone will steal them or they will be broken. Sunglasses shouldn’t be $100 and we are changing that for the better."

The company offers customizable sunglasses with impact durable frames, scratch resistant lenses, and more than 150,000 color combinations. On the website under "build your own" you can choose your frame, arms, and lens colors to make whatever combination fits your liking. If excessive options are daunting for you, there are plenty of pre-designed shades to choose from. At the moment, the brand’s products can be found at, as well as select retailers such as West Coast Kix.

Besides covering your bases with its pricepoint, Nectar provides an exchange policy that gives peace-of-mind to those with a tendency to be reckless with their sunnies. Nectar allows exchange for any reason, so that when you fall in the park and crunch your shades beneath you, you can send them back and get a brand new pair. "We will replace them for no cost as long as they pay for the shipping. It’s always great to hear the epic stories of how they messed up their shades," Roukous adds.

Nectar also has a prototype in the works for a box set of shades, which will include interchangeable arms, frames, and lenses, giving the consumer close to 36 combinations of gear to work with. Roukous says the brand has brought on some new investors and also plans to expand into other product lines: "We are going towards a whole lifestyle brand for clothing and watches, and so on.”

The company has been taking advantage of promotional events and minor collaborations with companies such as BOOM Headphones, and they plan on keeping that up this winter. On top of that, Roukous and crew plans on visiting the mountains this season, sponsoring and getting involved with some railjams, boarders, and other events.

Most importantly, the brand’s philosophy centers around celebrating  those who live in the moment, explains the Nectar crew. ” We just like to provide a cool product that people want to have fun in, and want to be seen in,” says Roukous. “And we make you look good."