Never Summer & SPY Dealer Appreciate Day 2012

While the 80-plus degree weather on the Front Range has pushed snowboarding to the back of many Coloradan’s minds, it hasn’t deterred the die hards, and they were out in force yesterday, Wednesday, April 25, for the second annual Never Summer & SPY Dealer Appreciate Day at Loveland Ski Area.

“It’s a chance for us to express our appreciation for the guys keeping us in the game,” explains Never Summer Sales Manager Mike “Gags” Gagliardi. While the 2011 iteration blessed retailers with waist-deep fresh, this year’s 60-plus degree day greeted them with a plethora of slushy slashes, PBR & Olympia, Moe’s BBQ, and a chance to catch up with nearly 50 retailers from shops all over the state.

“It’s super nice of them--we like beer, we like to ride, and we love Moe’s,” says Christy Sports’s Zach Stalker, who made the trip over from Avon to tally day 105 for the season.

SPY Rockies Rep Davey Gonzales says that the event was started as a one-time deal after last year’s epic season, but they brought it back due to retailer demand and plan to keep it going into the future: “So many people had such a good time last year with the snow, and they are making it happen again this year. We plan to keep doing this every year.”

Thanks to Never Summer, SPY, Pabst, Loveland, and Moe’s for an epic day!