60 Second Sell: New Company Gorilla Palms Launches Wrist Protection Hoodies

Inventor and entrepreneur Justin Mitchell shows us a sneak peek at his latest creation, Gorilla Palms, which recently launched its fundraising campaign on Indiegogo.com. With wrist protection hand-sewn into each hoodie, the product is designed with lightweight molded polyurethane and cushioning air pockets to protect your bones from the repetitive hits taken while skateboarding.

“Wrist protection doesn’t have to suck. Gorilla Palms are skateboarding hoodies designed with palm pads molded directly into the cuff of the sleeve. These rugged hoodies have been designed as a labor of love – they are heavy duty and built to last,” says Justin Mitchell.

Check out the video about the new product, as well as more information at indiegogo.com/gorillapalms: