Nixon Co-Founder Chad DiNenna On Building A Creative Team & Product

Encinitas, California-based Nixon has been working at carving out a large portion of the market with its  products since Chad DiNenna and Andy Laats founded the company back in 1997.  Today, the brand has continued to innovate with several major products that have set the precedent in their particular categories,  including The Blaster, which was Nixon’s first entry into Bluetooth portable speakers, and the Super Tide watch, with a high-def screen and the ability to hold 233 global tide locations pre-programmed for the next 15 years. For Nixon, the focus is on product, which DiNenna emphasizes is team-designed and custom-built.

“How are we going to build something that maybe you don’t necessarily need, but once you see it you can’t live without,” says DiNenna. “That’s really the test of ‘are we doing it right?’ That’s what shows us we are doing it right.”

Drawing on his own experiences in the action sports culture, as well as listening to Nixon’s team riders and the talented staff, friends, and supporters of the brand, is what DiNenna says has contributed to much of the company’s continued success.

“We don’t have aspirations of being everything to everyone and creating every product under the sun,” says DiNenna. “We are very focused on the categories that we work on and the products that we bring out, and just doing a better job of it. We feel that we are good, and some days we are great, but we want to be insane. That’s what we are striving for, and we all have a long way to go to get there but we are all focused on that goal and we are having fun along the way…”

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