On The Hot Ball With RP Bess

Welcome to the first installation of "The Hot Ball." From now on, when you stop by the Transworld Business office, we reserve the right to grill you about whatever we want, and then put it on our site. Director of Marketing RP Bess and Hardgoods Brand Manager Keith Moser from World Industries were the first subjects--in fact, RP named it mid-interview. So when you come by, be ready for us to find something to get to the bottom of, then get to the bottom of it. And shoot random photos so people can see how uncomfortable you really are, and how messy my office is. Armchair journalism at its finest.rpbess-web.jpg

TW BIZ: Okay, first question: Who would win in a fight--Flame Boy or Wet Willy?

RP: That’s easy: Wet Willy, dude. He’s holy water, dude.

TW BIZ: But Flame Boy and Devil Man are always teaming up on him--he’s outnumbered.

KEITH: Jesus was in there for a while.RP: All right, that’s true. Let’s just come back to that one.

TW BIZ: What’s the biggest difference between your transition from Duffs to World?

RP: I feel like I’m taking a test. Can you just email me these questions?

TW BIZ: No, answer them now.

RP: Jeez. I’m in the Hot Seat--um, on the Hot Ball, man. [see photo]

TW BIZ: Yes, you are. In fact, that’s what we're going to call this. Anyway, back to the question.

RP: The biggest transition would be working with hardgoods again. Last time I was working with hardgoods everything was U.S.-made, but now it's all foreign-made. So now I’m learning about it again. Its changed a lot; there’s a lot of new technologies. Keith is in charge of production for hardgoods.

Keith from World and his ad sales rep, Mike FitzTW BIZ: Keith, how long have you been at World?

KEITH: Since August.

TW BIZ: So you are actually building a team now. Who are you looking for?

RP: We are looking for talented skaters.

TW BIZ: No shit. You got your eye on anyone in particular?

RP: We have Curtis Colamonico, Malcolm Watson, and Ronson Lambert will be pro in September. And for ams, Cody Davis (who in Phoenix is referred to as Tiny Tosh), Dustin Blauvelt, and Mike “Owen” Franklin.

KEITH: We’ve got some Florida guys we’re really stoked on.

RP: We just need a couple more to round it off – like, to get one more pro and a few more ams.

TW BIZ: So you guys are returning to the era of controversial graphics, huh? I like Malcolm's Ghostbusters one.


RP: Do you think they're really even controversial? I don't.

KEITH: Well, there's the one with the naked chick and the video camera...(At this point I went to the World Industries site, but was foiled. The site was banned by Bonnier's porn-blocker)

TW BIZ: You should reissue World’s old controversial boards, like Randy Colvin’s old board(WARNING: FULL FRONTAL NUDITY) that had to come in a black bag.

rp-besshot-ball2.JPGKEITH: Don’t be surprised if you see some of those reintroduced in a little bit.

TW BIZ: What boards do the guys on the team ride?

RP: 8-inch boards. With naked chicks on them.

TW BIZ: Are you concerned that your current customer base, the kiddies, are going to be affected by the controversy? Not really the kids per se, but the soccer moms that are buying the boards?

RP: The soccer moms weren’t buying the Randy Colvin boards back in the day.

TW BIZ: That's awesome.