Pro Skater Branches Out; Heads up Factor54 Skate Program

Nate Sherwood

Professional skateboarder Nate Sherwood, whose long-time involvement in the industry has gained him a reputation for reliability, has been added to the Factor54 staff to head up the lifestyle brand’s skate team and he’s stoked on the new opportunity.

A regular on Fuel TV’s “American Misfits” and a feature skater in 411VM’s “Up for Grabs,” Sherwood plans to continue working full-time at Duffs, the Oceanside, Calif.-based shoe retailer, but is excited to branch out at Factor 54, where he will have more creative control, he said during a recent visit to Transworld Business.

“I am wrenching on two jobs but I have a passion that burns bridges in skateboarding so I never put all my eggs in one basket,” Sherwood said.

Based in Costa Mesa, Calif. , Factor54 was founded by surfers and skaters who work to create clothing designs for skate, snow and surf. The company has been working to steadily build up its skate and surf teams, according to a press release it issued.

It was just a month ago that Factor discovered Sherwood while at the ASR tradeNate Sherwood show in San Diego and liked the boarder’s outlook on the industry. Todd Miller, Factor 54 founder and CEO, said he felt Factor’s skate program – in order to grow to a serious scope – needed a leader who has “lived and breathed” as a pro and who knows what the team needs to be successful.

“We have a lot of talent on this team and the program is at a point where it needs solid focus,” Miller said.

Sherwood, a Portland, Oregon native who currently resides in Oceanside, is sponsored by ‘eS Shoes, Ironic Skateboards, Kontrol wheels and Willy Santos’ Willy’s Workshop. The pro is also a steady contributor for