Quiksilver Hit With New Round Of Layoffs

DC’s headquarters back in 2011.

Quiksilver, which has been retooling its org chart and strategy since CEO Andy Mooney joined the company at the beginning of the year, went through another round of layoffs today. According to sources, these changes were made to streamline the marketing departments across the DC, Quiksilver, and Roxy brands on a global level and affected approximately 100 people across marketing, production, and accounting.

The following memo from Quiksilver Americas President Rob Colby was sent to Quiksilver staff today:

Hi Everyone,

Many of you have undoubtedly heard that we had some layoffs in the Americas region today - all in relation to our ongoing efforts to globalize our company.  Andy’s message from late May outlined our priorities of focusing on our core brands, globalizing, centralizing key functions, and lowering costs throughout the organization - all in an effort to advance our competitive position and increase profitability.  Today’s decisions are obviously the challenging outcomes of these efforts - and we once again say goodbye to many of our dedicated fellow employees and friends.   It is, however, important that we all continue working together and supporting our collective efforts to drive the future success of our business. 

We all have a well-deserved long holiday weekend coming up (beginning at 2:00 PM on Wednesday afternoon).  Hope you will take the time to enjoy the days with family and friends - and return next Monday with your ongoing commitment, and energy to keep our momentum moving forward.

Thanks for your support - and for all you do.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available…