Raen Co-Founder Justin Heit On Attention To Detail

Started as the brainchild of Libre Designs, Raen Optics was first formulated through a series of storyboards created by Co-Founder and Creative Director Justin Heit and his Oceanside, California based crew. The idea, which took shape six years ago, was a way for the designers to create a product that was the opposite of what they were seeing in the eyewear market at the time.

“In 2007, there was this fast food revolution that was going on,” says Heit. “Logos were massive, sunglasses were massive, people were consuming product in mass quantities, and we wanted to create something that had a little more attention to detail.”

Heit said the brand honed in on the design principles that they appreciated most from their favorite architecture, photography, and even furniture-- well-designed pieces that were also well made. Raen sets itself apart by creating only hand-made frames, says Heit.

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