Retail Round Table

retail_roundatable1It's hard out there for a retailer, but despite the bloodying economic slug fest, some retailers are not only weathering the storm, but profiting through it. In order to help your shop rise to the occasion, we have created the TransWorld Business Retail Panel and Retailer Round Table as a forum for retailers to hash out the biggest issues of the day. The online Retail Round Table allows retailers to pose questions to each other. The Retail Panel is comprised of TransWorld Business Regional Retailers of the Year, and this illustrious group of savvy merchants will be fielding your toughest questions here and in the pages of Biz throughout 2010.

So put fingers to keyboard and throw some hard hitting, fastball questions, get the discussion going, and let’s see how we can all work together to elevate the art of  the core retailer. The top questions will be posed to the panel in the March issue.

The comment lines are now open.