Sabre Vision Opens Specialty Shop in Newport Beach

The scene at the grand opening for Sabre Vision’s new store on 32nd Street in Newport Beach may have felt a little like a college frat party – complete with a wall of lockers where the “in group” hangs, a backyard patio for smokers and some popular 90s mixes off the DJ’s iTunes. Someone even ordered pizza after the catered food disappeared. But the evenings festivities were way more organized and refined compared to a kegger, and the event drew some major industry authorities. When it comes right down to it, co-owners Tabitha Shafran and Brooke McGregor know how to host a killer shindig. And just in case neighborhood retailers like Jacks were worried, the business partners decided to only carry limited edition and collaboration products at their new headquarters to avoid direct competition – hence the storefront sign.
Sabre Vision, Newport Beach

Black and white photo collages are plastered inside and out at the new Sabre Vision flagship So Cal store. Good conversation-starter, guys.


Whatever you were expecting to find when walking into a sunglass shop, this is probably not it. Again, Sabre gets points for being unique.


The shop’s front room showcased most of the Australian-based company’s products, including T-shirts, sunglasses and trucker hats.


It wasn’t clear whether the skulls were for sale, too.

These two were digging the photo collages. Sabre gave away a whole slew of free pins – I think Alex Knost is sporting “The Eyeball” in this photo. Transworld Business‘ fave logo of the evening was “Get Creepy” ( shown below on both Stacey and Brooke).


Upon stepping inside, you can’t help feeling like you’re in someone’s basement rec room. Sabre intends to use the space as its main office.


The DJ’s mix had everyone on the dance floor. Oh, and those lockers aren’t just for decoration – they hold product. Clever, mates!


An appealing display of boards and grub.


Brooke shows the camera some love. Transworld Business’ Billy Corvalan is seen on the right.


Billy again with (from left to right) Marcel, Transworld’s Publicity Manager Stacey Ingenito and Frank Van Der Klaau.


Co-owner Tabitha and Stacey pause their chat for a second so Transworld Business can capture the moment.


The open bar was crowded. A barely visible, yet extremely impressive, Sabre Vision slide show was steadily streaming in the background.


Warning: Occassionally open bars can lead to bad decisions. I was just as horrified as the guy in the background.


Tabitha and Brooke assured us that this is CLEAN fountain water. We’ll take their word for it. It’s a theory Tranworld Business was not willing to test.