Seaworthy Surf Shop

Seaworthy Surf Shop

 Seaworthy Surf Shop

Owner/Mgr.: Teddy, Pug, Dayton, and Hooter Hicks

Number of storefronts: 1

Square footage: 700

Location: 2988 State Street, Carlsbad, Calif.


Founded by the Hicks brothers—Pug, Dayton, Teddy, and Hooter—Seaworthy came to life in 2011 in downtown Carlsbad, California, after the brothers started experimenting with a couple different business models, including retail and a 3PL business called Gnarlywood. Growing up in  Southern California, the Hicks were raised surfing and skating local SoCal breaks, streets, and parks. It only makes sense that today they’ve dedicated their work to the very same industry that defines that culture.

 "Purveyors of Rad," Seaworthy's tagline, is meant to evoke a nostalgic feeling and the brothers, who say that the concept has already taken off, have plans to expand the shop's footprint in the near future. We caught up with Pug Hicks to hear more.


How long has your store been around? Going on 3 years

Experience before opening your own shop? Owned and operated a skateshop right out of college (S3)

Do you have an online store?

If yes, what percentage of your business is online vs. brick and mortar? 90% is brick and mortar 10% online

Percentage of inventory dedicated to…

Hardgoods? 20%, and  looking to bring more hardgoods in very soon.

Men’s apparel? 40%

Women’s/junior’s apparel? 25%

Accessories? 10%

Footwear? 5%

What is your most profitable product category? Seaworthy Private Label

What has been the single best-selling brand over the past six months? Seaworthy Private Label and Patagonia

Who are the top three reps that service your store and what makes them special? Albert Shim is by far the best rep we have…actually he never leaves me alone

What is your overall impression of the local market over the past six months?

It seems our local market has gotten stronger over the last 6 months.

Where can we find you on your lunch break? Cessy's all day, er’ day!

Favorite local place to eat/grab a beer: PORT!

Your best day skating/surfing:

This one day it was me, my brother, and the Homie Nathan out at Flows…it was a couple overhead no one but us and a few sharks in the lineup. Waves and water were too perfect to get ou

What store (or multiple stores) are your closest competition?

We have gone above and beyond to carry products our local competition don't carry.

Overall expectations for your business over the next 6-12 months?

We expect a fairly decent holiday season and as we release more product in the private label brand we expect some significant growth

Is your shop altering the way you buy for next year?

Always looking for new up and coming brands, and to expand our web store.


Upstarts: Gnarlywood