Shaun White Wins Yet Another Award

According to the people at Laureus in St. Petersburg, Russia, the Flying Tomato out-action-sportsed everyone this year, winning the Action Sports Person Of The Year award. White joins the ranks of anti-doping campaigner Dick Pound, and Ukranian pole vaulter Sergey Bubka.

Shaun White, by Moran

For people outside the action-sports bubble, Laureus did alright. One of the two photos on the site are actually of White, and they definitely referred to his Xgames performance as "video game moves." No mention of the Birdhouse video, though. I'm kinda pissed about that.

not Shaun White

From White's profile: "In the vert event, White exhibited video-game moves: Backside 540 to heelflip body varial to McTwist to air to fakie to 720 to frontside 540 stalefish to frontside 540 to nose grind to lipslide to blunt to fakie to fakie air to frontside 540 to backside 540 to frontside gay twist. Suddenly, a summer X Gold was his."

Jesus, that's one hell of a trick. Up-up-down-down-circle-circle-square, indeed.