Shop Talk: How Are You Planning Your Apparel Buys?

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As the calendar rolls over to August, it’s time for another round of trade show fun. We’ve been working overtime previewing the new lines and there are a ton of  new products rolling out. But at the end of the day, a new line is really only a success if you, the retailer, deems it worthy to grace your shelves. Picking the right products is key to your retail strategy and we’d like to get your thoughts on the following as you check in with your brands to view their Spring ’11 lines:

How are you planning your apparel buys for Spring/Summer 2011?

Weigh in below with your tips on what you’re looking for when you view the lines, how important financial terms will be compared to product design and innovation, how delivery dates weigh in to your decisions, and what trends you think are going to pop next year. If we pick your response the good people at Alpinestars will be sending a hat, woven and T-shirt your way and your response may be included in an upcoming issue of TransWorld Business.

Alpinestars giveaway

Alpinestars giveaway