Shop Talk: Size Matters

Shop Talk, FiltrateShop Talk is THE spot on the Web for core shop employees to share their expertise, get tips, win great prizes, and have a chance to be featured in print.  It's simple, each month we  feature a different topic for you to weigh in on. We pick your answer and you win sweet stuff.

While we all root for the underdog in this industry, big brands were once in the same position and got where they are through solid business practices and being able to move product. In the tough economy, it’s great to have small brands to differentiate your shop, but you have to stock the big names for their tried and true performance, which leads to this month's Shop Talk question:

How do your sales strategies for the large brands you carry differ from those of your small brands?

Weigh in below with your tips on anything from ordering to marketing to merchandising. If we pick your response the good people at Filtrate will be sending a pair of Couch polarized sunglasses your way and your response may be included in an upcoming issue of TransWorld Business.

Filtrate Couch polarized sunglass, MSRP $59.95

Filtrate Couch polarized sunglass, MSRP $59.95

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