SIMA’s Dick Baker Awarded Orange County Father Of The Year


For the sixth year, the Father’s Day Council in Orange County hosted the Father of the Year Awards Dinner at the Hyatt Regency in Irvine, California. The dinner benefits the American Diabetes Association. Each year, honorees raise approximately $200,000 to help support advocacy, research, and education initiatives of the A.D.A. This year SIMA President Emeritus Dick Baker was among the honorees. Transworld’s Liam Ferguson was on hand, along with other top industry executives, to help honor Baker’s achievement. Here’s a look at the events of the evening.

(Shown above Dick Baker with Volcom CEO Richard Woolcott)

Words and Photos By Liam Ferguson:

Baker with wife Una and sons Ryan and Jack.

As crazy as this year has been (gas prices, Maloof Money Cup, economy, Taos opening up to snowboarding, credit crisis, Obama/Clinton, China, Toll Road, Laird Hamilton launching a "Skate Collection"??, etc.), it's always great when an event comes around and makes you pause to put things in perspective.

Thursday was one of those nights for several icons of the Surf Industry. Dick Baker was recognized for Father of the Year by the Father's Day Council at an American Diabetes Fundraiser. Dick has had a pretty crazy year to say the least; to see someone so busy and accomplished still be a legend to his sons Ryan and Jack was truly inspirational for all in attendance. Even his beautiful wife, Una, looks at him as if it was their first date, so obviously this guy knows a lot about creating balance in his life. The Irvine Hyatt was jammed packed with all the "heaviest of the heavy" hitters in the Action Sports Industry.

Congratulations Dick!


Quiksilver CEO Bob McKnight was on hand to show his support for Baker.


As were Bob Graff, Shaun Tomson, and Tom Kennedy (President of PacSun).