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Leeper Leaps Into Top Ten

It's official—this is the most anticlimactic Exposure-Meter race yet. MJ's Skater Of The Year issue just dropped, giving him yet another Thrasher cover and fourteen-page interview. Don't get me wrong—the more MJ, the better. But I'm trying my damndest to make this an über-dramatic photo finish, and he's just not making it easy.

I don't know if MJ's interview was supposed to be some kind of "Rome built in a day" thing, or if he really really just likes that stripey Matix sweater, but I'm loving it either way.

The success story of this month is North County San Diego's favorite son, Kyle Leeper. Leeper came correct with a cover and sixteen-page interview in Transworld, and Quiksilver and Black Label came through with ad support aplenty. Kyle also holds a special place in my heart because he dropped off his butter bench at Transworld a while ago, and we've been skating it every day. Thanks Kyle!

In addition to Kyle, we also welcome Keegan Sauder and Corey Duffel to the top ten—Keegan's been on a tear lately, and Corey has been clocking some serious ad photos, all the more impressive when you consider that he won the damn thing last year. Unfortunately, three guys were bumped from the top ten—Geoff Rowley, Caswell Berry, and Daryl Angel.
I'll tell you who's blowing it, though—that fucking Got-2-B hair gel guy. He's everywhere! That one ad has run in Transworld, Thrasher, and Skateboarder for the past several months. If only that guy's name was listed, he'd be a candidate for the top ten!

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