Skateboarding Hall of Fame Inauguration Photos

Photos: Rob Campbell

IASC held its Skateboarding Hall of Fame Inaugural celebration Saturday, October 24, at the Vans Skatepark at the Block in Orange, California. Skate pros Tony Hawk, Bruce Logan, Tony Alva, and Danny Way were inducted into Skatelab’s Skateboarding Hall of Fame during the event, which drew many industry veterans to honor the history of the sport.

“Skateboarding has grown up, and not in a bad way – we can look back and be proud of the history of our sport," said John Bernards, executive director of IASC.  "Taking the opportunity to acknowledge and honor the individuals who have so greatly influenced and shaped the industry allows us to look forward to the future of skateboarding without ever forgetting our roots and everything it took to get where we are today - each and every shenanigan, triumph and challenge."

The event also featured live and silent auctions, allowing guests to bid on memorabilia. Auction and ticket sale proceeds went dirctly to the Go Skateboarding Foundation. For more information about IASC, visit