Snow Exposure-Meter Is Back For October 2010

picture-111J Jack Is Back
2009/10’s Rider Of The Year Riding High

John Jackson, last year's TransWorld and Snowboarder Rider of the Year, came out of the gates with a huge month on both the ad and edit sides to claim every leader board in the EM field. Jackson racked up nearly as many points as the next three riders combined, as well as enough to land in 12th place for all of last year--the same place he finished in with just 500 more points.


Skate EM Coup D’E-Top
Top Six Sees Four New Faces

While Malto's still reigning with a comfortable cushion, four of his five new runners up climbed a combined 79 places for a coup d'etat in the top six, as last month's second-through sixth-placers coalesced for just over 2,000 points. Leo Romero landed nearly 14,000 points, rallying 25 spots into second overall and 38 on the edit front, enough to take the lead from Decenzo. Torey Pudwill gapped 15 into 3rd and Matt Miller launched 34 into fifth.


The September issues from America's top-three surf mags brought along with them some interesting developments in the Surf Exposure-Meter race. The most obvious being that Dane Reynolds has surpassed Mick Fanning for the overall lead with a well-balanced blend of ad and editorial points.