Aussie Board Builders Tour: Base Surfboards


The Gold Coast of Australia is a hub for shapers, board builders, and mad surf scientists. Transworld Business set out to tour some of the top board builder’s facilities here on the Goldie.

Here’s an in-depth look at the surfboard production facilities of some of the world’s best board builders. (Shown above: Mick Fanning stopped by to see his shaper Darren Handley while we were there. Fanning won 68,000 dollars, and most of his tour wins on the board in the background!)



The crew at Base Surfboards is all-time. Darren Handley (DHD), Murray Bourton (Bourton), and Simon Anderson are collectively some of the most influential shapers ever to pick up a planer. If it weren’t for Anderson’s invention of the thruster we’d probably all still be craving more control off the bottom. The facilities at Base turn out 350 boards a week, and fine tunes boards for some of the world’s top surfers. (Shown Above: Darren Handley, Murray Bourton, and Simon Anderson)


The facilities at Base Surfboards.


Shaping bays at Base.

Check back here for daily updates. Soon to come: more photos, videos, and commentary from top shapers like Nev Hyman of Firewire Surfboards and Jason Stevenson of JS.