State of Skate: The Roundtable, Ep. 1 | What Does Skateboarding NOT Need?

The Roundtable, Ep. 1: What Does Skateboarding [Not] Need?

When the 2016 State of Skate was published, we noticed trends that were indicative and unique to a new era of skateboarders. While there are more public skateparks than ever before, the younger, “mysterious Gen Z consumer” has buying habits that are difficult for the traditional model to adapt to, participation numbers that seem to yield an older skater, and retail patterns that are constantly evolving, possibly more quickly than we can keep up with.

So what’s going on with our industry? Are there problems that need to be solved or does the perception just need to be adjusted to the current reality? Either way, we didn’t know the answer so we sat down with four people who might at the 2016 IASC Skate Summit in Anaheim, California.

Transworld SKATEboarding’s Mike Fitzgerald moderated the conversation with Don Brown, Sr. VP of Marketing for Sole Technology, Jeff Kendall, Vice President of NHS, Inc., and Per Welinder, President and CEO of Blitz Distribution. The eleven-part series has topics that range from the role of specialty retail in today’s economy, the current shelf-life of a skateboarding company, innovation with skate product, consumer demographics and the “core” vs. “casual” skateboarder, and how skateboarding companies should prepare for the ineluctable inclusion of skateboarding in the Olympics.

Thanks for tuning in to the 2016 State of Skate Roundtable.