The STATE OF SURF 2016 | Direct to consumer sales vs. specialty retail


The STATE OF SURF 2016 | Despite the growth of direct-to-consumer sales, specialty retail is still driving business

Following up on our discussion about where surfers shop, we now take a look at it from the inside. We asked surf brands some qualifying questions to find out how their models have evolved. Almost all (91%) of manufacturers we talked to sell direct to consumer.

This doesn't come as a shock, especially based on the current retail model and how rapidly it's evolving under the influence of fast fashion and the convenience level offered by Amazon and other retail giants.

What did perhaps come as a bit of  surprise is the following: despite the success manufacturers have seen with direct to consumer sales through their own branded channels--86% saw an increase in D2C sales in 2015 versus the previous year--specialty retail still remained the number one business driver.

the state of surf 2016

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