THE STATE OF SURF 2016 | The rise of women surfers

Women surfers rising in the ranks on social media

In the past, and even recently, surfing has been considered a male dominated sport.

The undertones of this sentiment can be sensed in subtle and not-so-subtle ways when looking at athlete contracts, and how much (and what type of) exposure surfers receive in the media and beyond.

Whether you agree or disagree with some of the commentary on the topic, it's clear that female surfers are continuing to make strides, and many are taking notice and highlighting their talents.

On a purely scientific note, data from our STATE OF SURF 2016 report is also playing a role in evolving the discussion.

Case in point: Bethany Hamilton. She is currently ranking number one above her male counterparts in terms of overall audience engagement across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. That's no small feat considering the career accolades of surfers like Kelly Slater and Gabriel Medina.



[Source: Spredfast Intelligence]

In addition, ten of the top 25 surfers with the highest total social engagement are women. Gracing the list are Alana Blanchard at #4, as well as Ellie Jean Coffey, Kelia Moniz, Tia Blanco, Sally Fitzbgibbons, Laura Enever, Coco Ho, Alessa Quizon, and Stephanie Gilmore.

Congrats to all the talented athletes who are moving the needle and creating awareness around surfing as a sport and lifestyle. To get a more detailed look at our findings, which also includes a look at surf companies in the media, grab a copy of the THE STATE OF SURF 2016.


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