Stevie Williams On The Supra Signature Estaban


Stevie Williams On The Supra Signature Estaban

Drawing on his roots, Stevie Williams has teamed up with SUPRA to develop the new Estaban shoe, “a supercharged high top with a simple, contemporary design.” Sitting atop a lightweight SUPRAFOAM midsole, the Estaban utilizes clean lines and uninterrupted expanses of material paired with a deep, hooped lacing system.

"This is without a doubt my most style-driven and innovative design since my first pro shoe," said Williams reflecting on his years of skateboarding and footwear design. "Growing up, I'd always wear three-quarter length mid tops. They're the most stylish to me. The way they looked when I skated, with my jeans, when I was hanging out, they always looked the best."

"They skate great, obviously, but I also wanted a heavy stress on style,” continues Williams. “That's why when I saw an early design with those laces and that sole, I said, 'That's mine!' And it came out dope."

The Stevie Williams signature Estaban will be available starting this July, dropping as early as July 7 at select core retailers. We caught up with Williams to hear a little more about the role he’s played in helping Supra develop the shoe, as well as his thoughts on the brand and the skate industry as a whole.



How long have you been working with Supra? Tell us about what attracted you to the brand?

I’ve been working with Supra for three and a half years now. I’ve been a fan of the brand since the beginning in 2006. They always take it to the next level as far as quality and design, but the most important aspect of what the brand is all about to me is that Supra sets trends. There’s originality in everything Supra does. The brand has always been on point and the skate team is awesome. A bunch of different dudes from all walks of life skating together and traveling the world. What could be better than that?

What role do you think Supra is playing in skate culture?

I think Supra is all about innovation in design. Supra can take skate to the masses and be effective doing it. The brand has allowed our skate culture to impact style and set crazy trends not just in footwear, but fashion. That’s hard to do. Supra first changed things in the skate shoe scene with the original Skytop. That shoe caught a lot of people off guard. From there, Supra just kept on going. As long as the quality is there, Supra isn’t afraid to be out there. Supra brings the heat.

How do people treat skate in Philly? How did the city shape your career in skate?

When I was growing up, skate wasn’t popular or cool. But today is a different day. Philly has embraced skateboarding all the way. A lot of barriers have been broken down. Philly is a tough city, but when they get behind you, you can take on the world. They definitely teach you how to be strong. The city is real and has a lot of love. Skateboarding is big in Philly now. For me to be a part of that is great. It has allowed me to maintain my legacy, and be way more visible at the same time.

Looking back, what role do you think you played in changing the perception of skate?

I think my lifestyle played a big part. I was able to bring the things I learned growing up in Philly into the skate world once I got some attention. For me, it was all just natural, but it made a huge impact on street skateboarding.

 Talk to us about this new Supra Estaban shoe. What are you most hyped on? 

The lacing system is what I think stands out the most. It’s my favorite feature. You can lace the shoe all different ways. Some ways are better to skate in. Some ways are for when you are just hanging out. Supra and I talked about the shoe. We’ve been at this a while so they know what I like. The moment I saw the designs, I couldn’t wait to represent.

How into sneakers were you growing up?

Being from the inner city, wearing the right sneakers was always important. Of course, it still is. For me growing up, it always came down to money. I didn’t really get into sneakers until I could afford them. That was 2000. Always been into footwear though.

How did the opportunity to work with Supra come about? Can you tell us more about the partnership?

Supra is a skate brand, but it’s also a lifestyle brand. Our partnership brings both of those in tight together. I skate for Supra, but also think my lifestyle works well with a lot of what they are doing. We compliment each other. My role is pretty simple. Skate where they need me and participate in whatever they need. I love being a part of Supra because I’m down for what the company represents. My shoe is hot and great to skate in. Supra is cool and we all fit well together. What’s not to like?

Biggest accomplishment thus far and your ultimate goal? 

My biggest accomplishment so far I would say is DGK. My ultimate goal is to push skate culture forward as much as possible. For me, it’s about creating things that mean something to the world that last. I’m proud of what I’ve done so far, but there’s still a lot more to do.

How has skate as an industry changed over the years? 

To me, it has definitely changed for the better. Things have evolved. It’s not just about one style of skating. Nowadays, you have to be a good all-around skater to get ahead. The competition is heavy now. There’s skateparks everywhere. The future is gonna be crazy, and that’s a good thing.

 What advice would you give to new athletes breaking into the business?

Know what’s going on with people and the companies. Ask questions and learn how to be effective at whatever you’re doing. Research everything. Be aware. Make sure you stay professional. Also, make the most of your career before its too late. No one is around forever. Most of all, I think having fun is important. Enjoy it.

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