SUMMER TRENDS 2016 | Mobile Retail

This season, we saw mobile retail make its mark as brands across the country took to the streets to show their stuff

This season, we saw something a bit out of the ordinary. Brands and retailers are taking their products to the streets- literally. We saw brands from all over the industry participating in mobile retail: pop-up shops were, well, popping up everywhere. One of the most intriguing aspects of mobile retail is that it gives brands a first-hand look at what's appealing to retailers and consumers, right in front of their eyes. A T-shirt in the pop-up shop may be extremely popular in California, but not to much New Jersey, and vice versa. This gives brands an edge when deciding what to mass produce


One of the inaugural examples of mobile retail that we ran into was the renovated Airstream that the Iron & Resin crew brought to Agenda Long Beach.


The Iron & Resin crew featured hats, sweaters, t-shirts and shorts in a setting that felt more like a weekend camping trip than a hectic tradeshow.



Being able to position product organically in a natural setting is a huge bonus for brands that participated in the pop-up shop trend. Being able to bring product lines to life benefits both the brand and retailer.


Slowtide hosted a series of pop-up shops and installations this year. Partnering with artists, musicians and creators, the towel brand brought their product to the people. Most recently, the brand announced it will partner with Capsule’s new recurring pop-up shop in LA, Capsule Concept.


Caravan Outpost was another testament to the idea that mobile retail is the way to go. A newcomer for this year, Caravan Outpost is the creative vision of Brad Steward that focuses on an outdoor active lifestyle. The company acquires old Airstreams, renovates them and turns each one into a “glamping”experience where consumers can spend the weekend.


Inside the trailer, it’s much more spacious than one would expect. Reimagining what it means to get outdoors has provided some exciting results.


Electric raised the bar with their version of mobile retail- it’s being called the “Legends of the Volt” tour. The sunglass brand went on a national tour for most of this year, towing their trailer/pop-up shop up and down the East and West Coasts. The shop houses some of the brand’s key sunglass offerings, clothing, and a sweet claw machine.

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