Surf Exposure Meter: April 2008

O'Brien Closes The Gap On Fanning

The first quarter earnings reports are in for the world's finest surf athletes and JOB's stock has gone way up since last month. Fanning is still a strong performer on the World Famous Surf Exposure Meter ticker tape, but it seems that a crop of old-faithfuls have made their early season moves on the points leader, and every one is jockying for market share, err, exposure points.

Every year Tim Curran rises from the ashes of an early season slump like a pheonix, and it's always fueled by the flames of advertising points. Channel Islands is marketing his new White Dove model, Adio is using him for footwear ads, and Hurley is spending a ton of ad dollars on its boardshorts campaign—starring Tim Curran. It's enough to bring him up seven slots into fifth.

Another guy familiar with being a top ten performer is Cory Lopez. This month he climbed three spots with a little help from Freestyle watches and DVS Shoes. The shot DVS ran was rad, by the way. Some people say Lopez is going to fade from the top ten spotlight—he's sharing apparel and footwear sponsors with Jordy Smith, and fell off the WCT Tour—but so far there's been no evidence to prove it. Too early for predictions, but we're pulling for you, Cory.

Other big jumps came further down the ladder. That's the best part about the early season, guys can come out of nowhere with one month of solid performance.

Mark Healy went from 121 to 48, Clay Marzo climbed from 161 to 45, Tonino Benson went from 166 to 44, CJ Hobgood came up from 121 to 29, and Peter Devries scaled up to 28 from 139.

Make sure to check back in next month. There's no telling where these esarly season rising stars will end up next month, and the only place to find out is right here. See you next month.

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