Surf Exposure Meter: March 2008

Fanning Opens Up Gap On the Pack

Well, if a World Title won't score you Exposure-Meter points then what will? For Mick Fanning, February was a big month. With edit coverage of his World Championship hitting newsstands and his sponsors throwing down support through advertisements, Fanning was able to more than double the points of his closest competition in this year's Media Whore Race. Now Fanning sits in a comfortable lead with 19,725 points—not bad for just two months worth of tallies.

It's way too early in the race for any accurate predictions, but it's pretty certain that Fanning has secured himself at least a top three finish in 2008. The rest of the pack in the top ten is just too close to call at this point, but there are several factors that could swing things.

At time of print, the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast event is well underway, a "perfect swell" is approaching Hawaii, and California has been seeing epic swell conditions of its own. That being said, the editorial coverage over the next few months should be spread out across the globe. Any surfer in the right place at the right time could conceivably come up in the rankings with a few epic rides. With Billabong's XXL Awards coming up, it's also an opportune time for the big wave guys to make a move. I guess we'll all just have to wait and see.

As for the tour, there's been plenty of swell finding the Goldie, and plenty of photogs in town to capture it, so look for at least a few guys on tour to step it up a notch as well when the Australian coverage hits.
Regardless what happens, we'll be tallying points for you, the reader, as part of our masochistic devotion to providing the only quantitative analysis of surf exposure on the planet. Tune in next month to see where your favorite shredders finish for March.

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