Tavik Founder Weighs In On Launching iPhone 5 Cases At Apple Stores

Erik Paulsen, Founder of Tavik

Irvine, California-based TAVIK  announced today that its Pentry and GRIP TAPE iPhone 5 cases are now exclusively available online at the Apple Store and at Apple Store locations throughout the US and Canada.

"We are honored to offer these exclusive cases at Apple," says Founder Erik Paulsen. "At TAVIK, we are proud to offer a vehicle of self-expression, with a collection of premium accessories that reach consumers where they are most engaged."

TAVIK’s cases are also being offered  in additional styles at tavik.com.

We caught up with Paulsen to find out more about the launch at Apple stores and where he sees the collection headed.

Why be a part of the Apple Store?

Apple creates the most important modern products of creation and sharing, only surpassed by the human mind. With these two forms of exploration being limitless, it is a perfect match for Tavik.

Take a look at TAVIK’s latest lookbook:

What were the Apple cases and the accessories collection inspired by? 

Modern beach culture is at the core of our brand. This is the unique mesh of analog and digital. The PENTRY is inspired by the modern tool of ultimate creation, the personal computer. The Staple GRIPTAPE is inspired by one of the core protectants we experience, skateboard grip tape, just adapted to a new device. More amazing exclusive cases to come for Apple.

Modern - Case accessories are now a staple in our lives, like clothing and shoes (see denims, leathers, corduroys, prints, and other fabrics in collection that reflect the TAVIK apparel). Modern design influence with clean lines, geometrics, and technical details.

Beach - Accessories that reflect the casual beach / action sports / street lifestyle.

Culture - Case accessories that pay homage and accent the way we now communicate within culture and music. Discovering and creating with our mobile devices.

What is the motivation behind TAVIK's expansion?

We started the brand because we saw a shift in beach culture. Music festivals were sprouting up everywhere and the modern beach lifestyle reflective of this new clash of electronic music and beach culture weren't represented in traditional surf brands popular.

What makes TAVIK accessories unique?

At the core of the Tavik brand is a unique approach and brand personality. This is carried over into our cases in both design and user experience. Modern beach culture is similar to its heritage in its free-thinking and inventive personality, but with our mobile devices we now have a lot more tools to experiment, capture and create with. Tavik accessories offer the perfect design, protection, and style to compliment these core values of our brand ethos.  

Who is the TAVIK customer today? Tomorrow?

The Tavik customer today is involved in the modern beach lifestyle, which is about exploration, experimentation, and the sharing of their experiences, whether in action, music, or design (Heck our sister Tavik swim is even a wild child). As the brand grows, we see our customer reflect these core values, even if they are land locked in Missouri. It's not about actually living at the beach, but adopting the mind-state that has inspired so many.

What’s next for TAVIK?

Expand our collection offerings this year, support programs for music and cultural exploration, and to make sure we have a good time doing it. Develop new categories this year and accounts while maintaining our premium, selective path forward.