The Down-Low On DVS/Diamond Supply Co’s Shoe Deal

DVS x Diamond Supply Co

A look at some of DVS and Diamond’s past collab merch.

Earlier this month DVS and Diamond Supply Co. announced a licensing deal for a new line called Diamond Footwear, which has been stirring up a ton of buzz. We caught up with Podium VP of Marketing Tim Gavin to find out more about the line, the partnership, and how retailers can expect to benefit from the new product.

You guys have done a few collabs in the past, can you tell me about how DVS and Diamond hooked up and why you think the brands are a good fit?
I have known [Diamond Founder] Nick [Tershay] for a long time and have really respected what he has done with the brand.  Our DVS X Diamond collabs have been very successful and it was only a matter of time to take this next step.

Will the new line be distributed by DVS reps giving current DVS retailers first dibs on carrying them?
Diamond Footwear is a separate deal from DVS and therefore there may be some differences.  We want what is best for Diamond. We are currently analyzing various options.

Where else will they be carried?
Besides the normal skate distribution we will put a lot of focus on the urban market here domestically and overseas.

Diamond really popped with its SB “Tiffany” collabs and I’ve heard talk of a couple more for ’11 – does this deal allow Diamond to still work with other shoe companies?
Absolutely.  Although DVS is assisting in the partnership, we are looking at the two brands as separate companies.  Whatever is in the best interest of Diamond will be pursued.

Podium VP's Brian Dunlap and Tim Gavin.

Podium VP’s Brian Dunlap and Tim Gavin.

Why did this deal make sense for both of your crews? Seems like there are some solid production and distribution factors to take advantage of here.
We have all the infrastructure already established and to start a new shoe brand is not that difficult for us.   There is benefit for both brands on many levels and of course that is the reasoning in doing such a deal.  Both parties have invested interest in this project so we will be supporting one another on many levels.

What will the release in Spring 11 include? How about the full line in Fall?
Our plan is to do a pre-release deal with the actual Diamond stores in Spring 2011 and follow that up with the global release in Fall of 2011.

How would you describe the look and feel of what you’re putting together? Is it DVS designs in Diamond colorways, or is it an all new project from the ground up?
Totally different deal from DVS.  Sure, there may be some cross-over with some basic vulc styles, but Diamond has a different look and appeal.  Nick has a vision with how he wants the Diamond footwear aesthetic to look and it is very different from what DVS is focusing on.  Again, there are some categories that consist of basic silhouettes but other than that, Diamond footwear will be a completely different product from DVS on all levels.

I understand DVS is handling the design and Diamond the creative direction and marketing – can you give me a little insight on how this will work?
Nick has done very well with his social networking and has created a pretty significant demand for his product through these channels.  We plan to expand on that marketing with some advertising that myself and Nick will manage. As far as design, Nick will have the creative control that our designers will work with and execute his vision.

How are you planning to market the new line?
We are still throwing ideas around but I can see us really using Diamond’s platform and expanding the marketing dollars there and at the same time continuing to push the skate market.

What’s the plan on the team side for Diamond riders? Will you be trying to get them on these kicks?
We’re in the process of talking about this as we speak, so nothing to report on yet.  There is a lot of opportunity with some names outside of skateboarding that fit the Diamond aesthetic too. There is a lot to discuss and we’re in the think tank doing that now.

What are you guys most hyped on for this deal?
To work with Nick and Jeron on a bigger level and to help them grow their vision with footwear!