The Line Break: Penny Skateboards Introduces Backpacks

The Line Break: Penny Skateboards Introduces Backpacks

Brisbane-based Penny Skateboards announced today that it is introducing a new product category to the mix, with the release of the Penny 'Pouch,' a backpack range made specifically to fit Penny Skateboards. The bags, now available at Penny’s website and set to launch globally this week in time for back to school 2014, were developed as an answer to consumers who who found the standard board bag a bit too big for their Penny, according to the design team at Penny. Here’s more on what they had to say:

Penny Skateboards has developed a unique bag that allows you to not only carry your Penny Skateboard, but all your necessary belongings as well. The Penny 'Pouch' features the standard board straps on the top of the bag but also has a hidden 'Pouch' that unzips and comes out to properly secure the tail of your Penny Skateboard giving you the full support needed when you're done cruising and needing a place to put your board while you walk around.  Here’s some photos of the brand’s initial bag offering:


Jay Baikie, Global Marketing Manager for Absolute Board Co, confirms the companies excitement about the new Penny 'Pouch' by saying, “We’re stoked to release this latest edition into the Penny Skateboards lifestyle Category. Our Product design team have really nailed it with a bag that securely holds both the 22” and 27" board, as well as all the staples that our customers carry with them on a daily basis. Our research has shown that the Penny Skateboards customer is screaming for a backpack option and we’re pumped to deliver the consumer demand".

The full Penny 'Pouch' range comes in four colorways (Splatter, Pastel, Blue/Black, and Camo) and fits both the 22" Penny Skateboard and the 27" Penny "Nickel" Skateboard. Penny says it has ensured its backpacks are solid for carrying your board and that there is also enough room for all the essentials, whether that be laptop, tablet, stationary, books or water bottle.

For more information on the Penny 'Pouch' visit



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