TransWorld Snow Conference Examines Action Sports’ Macro And Micro Economic Landscape

The countdown continues. With less than three weeks to go before the 2012 TransWorld Snow Conference, it's time to look at the big picture and what we can do to lead the charge and the change to keep the snowboard industry healthy despite difficult weather conditions.

We're looking forward to an economic analysis of today’s market at the macro and micro level as University of Utah Professor Peter Philips returns for a look at the global economy, and SIA Director of Research Kelly Davis will delve into this year’s sales data and trends. Check out a summary of their talks here as well as some insight of where we stand.

Pray for Snow, Plan For The Economy

Peter Philips, PhD

Peter Philips, University of Utah, Professor of Economics and former Chair of the Economic Department

March 14, 2 p.m.

A weak recovery from the Great Recession has led to very slow employment growth.  Full recovery is several years in the future.  Wages and income have been lagging GDP growth for decades dampening consumer demand.  However, consumption has heretofore been sustained by increased consumer debt.  World trade imbalances have fueled consumer debt in the U.S. and Europe through export dollars earned overseas recirculating into the U.S. and Europe financing housing booms in trade-deficit countries.  These booms, in turn, laid the basis for further expansion of consumer debt. However, the recent housing/financial crisis has ended growth in consumer debt, which along with high unemployment will continue to constrain US and European consumer demand for several years to come. Current weak sales in the snowboard industry may partially reflect recent warm weather conditions.  But product cycle and business cycle factors are also negatively impacting demand.  Nonetheless, money can and will be made in bad times as well as good.  The keys to success in an adverse economic climate are solid organization, planning for survival as a precondition for success, know your place in the product cycle and maintaining a realistic understanding of economic trends and prospects.

Pray for snow!  Plan for everything else.

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Sales, Fails, And Silver Linings:  The State Of The Industry

Kelly Davis

Kelly Davis, SIA, Director of Research

March 15, 2 p.m.         

Davis will walk attendees through an in-depth look at this season’s sales data for August to January, and share a compelling examination of the industry’s strengths and weaknesses going into the '12/13 season. Kelly will provide a detailed analysis of the effects on this season's sales of meager snowfalls across the country and their projected impacts on orders for next year. Davis will also delve into participation numbers, demographics, the strength of the core segment of the snowboard market, and take a look at freeskiing's impact on snowboarding.

For a look at Kelly's analysis of the snowboard market through December, go here.

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