Next Stop, Prague: The Osiris Experience

Osiris Global Marketing Director Hans Molenkamp Shares Osiris’ Strategy For The International Skateboard Contest’s Sophomore Year

This year, Osiris is kicking off it’s second annual Osiris Experience event in Prague, which will run concurrent to the brand’s International sales meeting. As on official media partner, TransWorld will be on the scene, helping capture and document the unique amateur skate contest  which drew a huge crowd in Amsterdam last summer and is sure to expected to gain even more momentum in its sophomore year.

Besides increasing the brand’s awareness internationally, the event also serves as a way to bring the Osiris European sales reps and distributors together to get on the same page, and to simultaneously get them involved in an outside activity that reflects the company’s true passion--skateboarding. In anticipation of this year’s contest, which is set to kick off Saturday, June 15 at Mystic Skatepark on Stvanice Island, we caught up with Global Marketing Director Hans Molenkamp to learn more about The Osiris Experience, and how the brand is leveraging the contest series to increase awareness and drive sales within the international market.

Osiris Global Marketing Director Hans Molenkamp

On a large scale level, what type of planning and development has gone into the Osiris Experience this year?

Our initial goal with the Osiris Experience was to create a fun skate event that moved to different locations while involving key Osiris elements like skateboarding and art. We’ve created a contest format that is one-on-one and bracketed so that each contestant has a chance to win money throughout the rounds. It’s exciting to watch and it moves quickly. We also have live art being produced on site with bands and DJ’s playing at the event. It’s definitely an experience.

This year we started prepping and planning earlier. We reached out to some of our key partners and invited them in as sponsors. Monster Energy, Go Pro, Spy Optic, Zumiez and of course Transworld will be participating in the event. We are also working with the Mystic skatepark in Prague and our distributors (Horsefeathers) are playing a key role. Joe Marckx, our International Sales Manager, lived in Prague for years and has been instrumental in making this happen. 

How did you pick this year’s location? What’s different and unique about the skate spots there?

Our goal is to have a new location each year. Honestly, Prague is awesome in the summer, has a great park, and we love our distributors there. It wasn’t that hard to convince the team on this one.

What’s been the time frame on creating this from concept to the actual launch?

We plan a large sales meeting in the summer which has been traditionally held in Europe for the last couple of years. We thought that it would be a good idea and fun experience to incorporate external activities for our reps and distributors to attend. We designed The Experience to encompass the main reason why we exist as a company, which is skateboarding.

Last year we planned a skate contest, brought our riders out to judge, mixed in art and music and it was a done deal. Our CCO Brian Reid has always stressed the importance of blending the elements together and we feel that it’s all accomplished through the Osiris Experience. We also teamed up with Zumiez to take a winner of their “Zumiez 100K” to experience the event.

Take a look at 2012 The Osiris Experience, part one, from TransWorld SKATE:

Part Two Of The Osiris Experience:

What will be the look and feel of the event once it hits in June? What will be different about this year’s Experience versus last year’s?

Last year in Amsterdam we chose a more psychedelic look and feel for the branding and the attributes of the contest. It kind of went with the whole Amsterdam vibe. This year we are embracing Prague’s beer culture and infusing it with Osiris flavor to create the imagery for this Experience. The contest format will be run exactly the same and we will be bringing out pro-riders and artists again.

How important is the international market for Osiris? Has that been a growing piece of the business, and if so how much?

Our International business is very important to us. As our world changes on daily basis we are always challenged on how to market and perform better in different countries. We work very close with our agents and distributors to help build their markets for success. It’s continuously growing and a vital element to our company.

How do you measure ROI on an event like the Osiris Experience?

ROI for the experience is based on a couple of different of metrics; first and foremost we gauge how many attendees come to the actual event. We also get feedback from our attendees of our sales event and that combined with what we put viral creates the final results.

What other important and/or new marketing campaigns and initiatives are being released over the rest of 2013 and 2014?

We are working on all kinds of new and exciting stuff. We are focusing heavily on skate and our team. Some of our new initiatives will be launching in Q3.