Third Straight Month of Core Shop Comp Sales Increases

This is really starting to look like a trend. November was the third month in a row to show a same-store sales increase in the ActionWatch retail panel. It also had the biggest sales increase of the three months and for the year so far – up 7.9% for all categories tracked. Accessory sales were up a whopping 17% compared to November 2009. Even ladies’ apparel sales produced a small increase.

While still a relatively small category, female footwear took first prize for the month’s largest sales increase (of the categories shown in the table below). This 56% increase was enough to bring the whole category up 4.4% despite a nearly 7% decline in guys’ shoe sales.

Nearly all accessory classes were up in November compared to the prior year with the greatest increases coming from watches and socks. Fleece, jackets, and sweaters were all up double digits. Actually, there were a lot of classes up double digits and only a few with sales declines compared to the same month in the prior year. It was a good month.

–Cary Allington


The second half of this year has shown consistent comparable-sales improvement through November.