TransWorld Snow Conference: Has Snowboarding Really Lost Its Edge?

Has Snowboarding Really Lost Its Edge?

RRC’s Nate Fristoe and SIA’s Kelly Davis sit down to discuss participation numbers and trends, communicating with mainstream media, self-fulfilling prophecies, and ways to increase participation.

Following the publication of a lopsided report by the New York Times asking if snowboarding had lost its edge, become uncool, and was on the decline; a rash of media jumped on the bandwagon spurring worried responses from non-endemic sponsors and nervous discussions reverberated on chat rooms and through the halls of the recent round trade shows.

To get a better understanding of the reprecusions of this story and where we’re truly at in snowboarding’s life cycle, the 2013 TransWorld Snow Conference will host a debate-versation between two of the industries leading researchers and spokespeople in an effort to develop better metrics, consistent messaging to mainstream media, and most importantly, how we can use data to design a better future for snowboarding.

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About The Speakers

Nate Fristoe

Nate Fristoe

Nate Fristoe, RRC Associates, Director of Operations

Nate Fristoe is a Director at RRC Associates with over ten years of experience in market research. Nate has pioneered the development of a variety of consumer travel and leisure research techniques for resorts across North America. These methods have most significantly been applied to develop long-range strategic growth plans for the snowsports industries in the U.S. and Canada. In addition, Fristoe has extensive research experience in the fields of customer satisfaction, publishing, analysis of consumer trends, and real estate. He has been a featured speaker and panelist at many national and regional conferences and seminars. Fristoe did his undergraduate work at Washington University and graduate work at Georgia Tech.

Kelly Davis, SIA, Director of Research

Kelly Davis

In May 2006, Kelly accepted the Director of Research position at SnowSports Industries America, the job that allowed her to combine her passion for snow sports with her professional skill set.  Kelly is a mathematician with 20 years of experience in research and intelligence gathering.  Her career has taken her from the National Institute of Standards and Technology where she built economic models used by the manufacturing industry, to New York City where she was the Chief Operating Officer for an Internet based Strategic Marketing Company.  She developed and patented systems that help intelligence analysts organize and analyze the value of information, and started her own research company specializing in competitive intelligence work.  Kelly rides and skis in the winter and participates in triathlon, adventure racing and mountain biking during the long months without snow.

Here’s a look at Davis’s take on the argument that snowboarding participation has plateaued.