Villopoto, Stewart, & Dungey Steal The May Exposure Meter Show

Editors' Note: TransWorld Business Exposure-Meter was created to provide a source of quantitative data that accurately measures the amount of exposure that action sports athletes receive in consumer magazines and through social media. Points are awarded based on photos of athletes, and broken into two categories: editorial and advertising. The following is the point breakdown:  cover: 2,000 points, poster: 2,000 points, back cover: 1,000 points, spread: 1,000 points, full page: 500 points, half page: 200 points, one fourth page: 125 points, <one fourth page: 100 points, portrait: 100 points. Motocross Exposure Meter runs from January 2014 and wraps up with year-end results in December 2014.  To purchase full Exposure-Meter reports, analysis, and historical results, drop us a line at

May Moto Exposure Meter

Ryan Dungey at the 2014 Glen Helen National. Photo: Brendan Lutes/TW MOTO


 Villopoto, Stewart, and Dungey Steal the May Exposure Meter Show 

The May cover of Racer X featured Ryan Villopoto, James Stewart, and Ryan Dungey, all of who currently preside at the top of the Overall Exposure Meter race. Sitting comfortably in first is Ryan Villopoto, who continues to separate himself from the field with solid ad and edit coverage across all three publications.

As if the Racer X cover wasn’t enough in May, KTM Red Bull’s Ryan Dungey also scored the cover and a feature in TransWorld Motocross. Dungey also saw major support from his sponsors. However, it wasn’t enough to catch James Stewart who sits in second. Stewart continues to score big each month with both ad and edit coverage in each magazine.

The big mover in May was Jason Anderson. Anderson jumped more than forty spots into the top twenty and is poised to continue climbing the ranks. Other notable riders this month were Justin Brayton and Nick Wey, who both jumped up significantly in overall points.

May 2014 moto exposure meter overall standings

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Ryan Villopoto continues to lead the edit race thanks to coverage in all three magazines and the occasional cover. Although Villopoto sits in the lead, James Stewart isn’t far behind. Stewart's results on the track continue to garnish him edit points. Chad Reed also had a strong month and continues to use edit points to stay relevant in the overall race.

May 2014 moto exposure meter editorial



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Editors Note: Skorebase uses patented technology to rank each athlete's standing within their index. The athlete score seen here is a combination of factors that include the athlete's community, fan interaction, and potential reach across multiple social platforms. The methodology behind Skorebase's platform is explained in more detail in our official partnership announcement.

may moto expsoure meter social standings


Racer X’s Simon Cudby is a busy man and leads all other photographers in the Photo Exposure Meter race. Cudby snapped the cover of Racer X along with multiple full-page spreads. John Basher from Motocross Action Magazine and Brendan Lutes from TransWorld Motocross also had solid months providing readers with plenty of visual stimulation.

 May 2014 moto expsoure meter photogs


Logo Wars

Dunlop holds a commanding lead in the battle of the brands. Sitting in second is Renthal who is just points ahead of major companies such as Alpinestars and Oakley who are currently tied for third. In the competition for bike supremacy, Kawasaki is only points ahead of KTM and Honda.

may 2014 moto exposure meter logos



Ryan Villopoto has a solid lead in the ad race thanks to major ads in all three magazines from his sponsors. Although, Ryan Dungey isn’t close to catching Villopoto he still continues to score full-page ads from the likes of KTM and Fox, allowing him to stay ahead of the rest of the pack. Chasing Villopoto and Dungey are the likes of James Stewart, Ken Roczen, and Justin Brayton.

May 2014 moto exposure meter ads