We Are The Foam Advocacy Guild

The IASC Summit at Woodward West was productive and beneficial for dozens of reasons, but it was a hell of a lot of fun, too. Several attendees spent their leisure time blasting into the giant foam pit.    Whether dusting off some 360 Judos, or trying the elusive Superman dive, it’s a hell of a lot of fun. Getting out’s a bitch, though.    Thanks to Duncan Hooper, whose name makes him sound destined for the NBA, for the photos.  dsc_0081.jpg Jeff Kendall was leading the charge with a rocket-air Sal flip.dsc_00781.jpg Sole Tech’s Timothy Nickloff was blasting tuck-knee airs.    dsc_0088.jpg  Bod Boyle back 360’s into the abyss that smelled like piss. dsc_0089.jpgSk8ology’s Mark Schmid was going for broke. Sorry Schmiddy, I have no idea what you’re trying.   dsc_0096.jpg    Me, thinking I can hang with the vert pros, and Timothy, thinking I can’t. dsc_0129.jpg Tod Swank was up in the mix. dsc_0100.jpgKendall doesn’t even need his board. Superman dive.  dsc_0116.jpg