THE STATE OF SURF 2016 | Where do surfers shop?

"Shop Local" | Surfers can honestly say they do this.

Editors Note: Our STATE OF SURF 2016 event is happening Wednesday, November 16, at TEN's Carlsbad office. Industry panelists from Hurley, Firewire Surfboards, O'Neill, and General Admission in Venice Beach will be joining us to discuss relevant surf industry data and how it relates to the future of surfing.

The panel will be followed by a special keynote interview with Rob Machado lead by SURFER's Managing Editor Ashton Goggans. Guests are encouraged to arrive at 6:30 p.m. when doors open, and drinks will be provided by Duck Foot Brewing Company. For more information, and to register visit

Read on for a look at some of the information gathered in this year's report.

Core surfers' shopping habits is an area that's been flagged as the most revealing in our 2016 STATE OF SURF report. Most namely, where is that a surfer shops on a regular basis?

Combined, more than 80% of surfers we surveyed shop at and support local vendors. Find out more about how we qualified our sample group.

More than 40% of surfers say they order and buy their boards straight from their shaper, while 39% say they got their last board from a local surf shop. Not bad, considering the current e-commerce heavy landscape, and the state of "instant gratification" hubs like Amazon have perpetuated.

Taking a look below, the next most common response is from "Craigslist," which clocks in at around 7%.

Our friends over at GrindTVcompiled a list of their own top 5 most interesting takeways from the report. Head over there and give it a read.

Where do surfers shop?